The Best Hair Products for a Magnificent Head of Hair

head of hair
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Head of hair is usually described by the phrases like “full” and “heavy.” Let’s discover why. Let’s start with “mens: hair,” a commonly used phrases to indicate healthy hair growth. Next, let us look at what head of hair means for women. This phrase is used to indicate thicker, more beautiful, and fuller hair.

Many factors can cause hair loss. There are three main reasons for hair loss: weight loss, total loss of lymphatic liquid (sometime called lymph)from critical illnesses, and lastly, any radiation treatment or chemotherapy. In all of these cases, you will notice a thinned hair, also known as rapid or severe hair loss. It accounts for around 10% of all hair falls. In cases like these, where hair loss is due to treatment which includes blood thinners, it’s best to consult your doctor. Still, you can’t always blame your treatment procedure for your hair loss because multiple scenarios can cause hair loss, so never make premature decisions.

what is hair loss?

The hair falls out because the hair’s roots are constantly being destroyed. It is called alopecia or, more commonly, hair loss. It can happen for many reasons. It could be due to your genetic heritage. Hair loss can also be caused by other factors such as malnutrition, surgery, or other medical conditions.

types of hair loss?

firstnmostdifferenttypeofhairlossYour hairstyle goes a long way to define yourself, hairstyle even boosts your confidence to the next level, or it can cause depression. So hairstyle plays a vital role in your life; when a person (men or women) is suffering from hair loss, that means for him or her it is not only physically harmful, but emotionally also it is stressful. So let deep dive and find out what are the main types of hair loss.

  • Male pattern baldness happens at the top layer of the head; it is related to hormonal disorder in men.
  • Female pattern baldness women’s suffering from this can lose hair from both the top and bottom of the head, looking like female boxers. Studies show female pattern hair loss affects around 90% of women.
  • Telogen effluvium temporary hair loss happens due to stress, shock.
  • Medication hair loss happens when somebody falls ill. It is temporary, and hairs eventually regrow. Chemotherapy is one such example.
  • Another cause of hair loss is traction alopecia. As word traction suggests, this happens when you wear a hairstyle where a particular area of hair roots are pulled, like when you wear a ponytail look or when you wear a tight bun hairstyle. May cause hair loss in only specific regions. Still, treatment is possible for this condition when scar formation does not happen; hair might grow back in 6 months to a one-year time frame, but if you develop scar tissues, you will have permanent hair loss.

what causes hair loss?

firstnmosthairlossThere are many known causes of hair fall; let discuss the most important ones here.

  • One of the crucial causes of your hair loss is Stress; patchy hair loss or alopecia areata is mainly caused by stress. Is what many studies have shown, this kind of hair loss is shown mainly in the men or women who are living a stressful life.
  • second, the most commonly seen cause is Diseases, those diseases where a person might lose bodyweight suddenly, which is one the reasons you have a hair loss, diseases like diabetes and cancer is the most common example you can find.
  • The third most common cause of hair loss is a Genetic problem passed on by generations; studies have shown that hair loss is passed between generations, but it is not always true.
  • Fourth on our list is the most significant contributor to hair loss. The hormonal issues you face means your body is not producing enough hormones suitable for your full head of hair.
  • A fifth most common cause of hair loss is Medications; like in chemotherapy, many medicines cause hair loss.
  • The sixth and last cause of hair loss is Malnutrition, wherein the scalp goes in the resting phase as the body is not getting the required nutrients, hence hair loss.

can you prevent hair loss?

firstnmostpreventhairlossMillions of people on this planet are eager to find the answer for how to prevent hair loss? to get the “full head of hair,” however there are many reasons why hair fall happens based on that, you can take preventive steps; This section provides information about various hair loss preventive majors taken to regain your full head of hair.

  • Some of the food that helps prevent hair loss are carrot, celery, fish, egg, soybeans and pumpkin seeds. In addition to that, make a habit of including onions and garlic in your daily meal plan.
  • If you take additional supplements, then it should be rich in vitamin B-6 or Biotin, Magnesium, Zinc, or Selenium, to have healthier hair growth. We need these vitamins, minerals to get back your dreamy head of hair.
  • Studies have shown that herbs promote healthy hair growth; naturally, they are “saw palmetto, sage, green tea, aloe Vera, grape seed extract, horsetail, Rosemary, and nettle root.“. Many other herbs can be equally beneficial, but all the herbs will have their medical benefits; no single herb deals with all hair loss problems and gets back a full head of hair. Restolin is one such product that is about how to get a full head of hair back naturally.
  • Your diet and lifestyle are the most crucial factors that dictate whether you will have a healthier full head of hair or not, so make sure your body gets all the nutrients suitable for your overall health, including hair health. You must take extra precautions if you have a past family history of losing hair at the early stages of life. Responding to medical conditions before hands will always pay you big dividends.
  • Avoid touching your head frequently, as the scalp is one of the sensitive part of your body; any complex chemical and dye will cause damage to it, which in turn will cause hair loss; it may take sometime but follow these points, you will not regret.
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This article discusses a few basic tips and tricks to help you manage your hair and keep it healthy. This article also contains a few essential products you should purchase to maintain your gorgeous locks. We would love to hear your thoughts about our analysis.

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