how to install themeforest wordpress theme for beginners

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Choosing to use WordPress is one of the best decisions you made. You are choosing to build your website on a platform that powers over 30% of all websites worldwide. So, it’s no wonder that WordPress has many themes to choose from. But, with so many options, how do you know which one is the best? So for that, You can find themes from the wordpress website or third-party website. Whether you need a new theme or are updating an old one, here is a step-by-step process for installing and updating WordPress themes.

download wordpress theme from site

Today most of the website are developed using wordpress. you can improve the look and feel of your website by using wordpress themes. There are various option/sites for you to purchase or download a free theme like ThemeForest, Creative Market, wordpress org. you can always use these themes to make your blog more appealing.


how to install themeforest wordpress theme

  • First thing is that you can login to official themeforest or codecanyon website with your credentials, there you can find all your purchased plugins and wordpress themes.

how to install themeforest wordpress theme


  • You download the newly purchased theme at your desired location normally it is downloaded in your download folder, from there you can copy anywhere you want, just remember the location.
  • If you want to download a free wordpress theme you simply have to download it from sites like wordpress org or themeforest itself at your desired location.
  • Next step is login to your website wordpress dashboard, then goto Appearance menu item which on the left side of your dashboard then select the theme option and now click on Add New button.


  • then click on upload button then finally choose the themeforest theme location.


  • Click on Install Now button.
  • After that you activate it by going to Appearance–> theme –> Activate.


how to update wordpress theme themeforest

  • On the official ThemeForest or codecanyon website under downloads, you can find all your purchased plugins and wordpress themes.
  • Under every product, you will get an option to turn on the email notification for any future updates.


manual install wordpress theme

  • First, download the FTP client to your computer. These programs allow you to add or modify webservers. Examples include Filezilla and WinSCP.

filezilla download

  • Use FTP client to connect to your hosting provider account.
  • Four things are required to connect to your hosting provider’s account:
    • The ip address for your website.
    • port (usually 21).
    • User name for your FTP account.
    • Password for your FTP account.

These four items will allow you to connect to your FTP server created by your hosting provider. You have to mention these four things to connect; May find this information at different locations depending on your hosting provider.


  • Download the theme’s zip file that you wish to use for your website. Now extract the zip file. Can use Winzip or similar softwares to extract.
  • Next, find the root directory. Simply means, locate the public_html directory. The wp_content folder will be under that. Below it, you’ll find the theme folder. Click on the folder to copy the unzipped files into your domain’s themes folder.
  • Notice: If you have Cpanel Hosting, you can locate “File Manager”, under your domain’s file manager; public_html can be found there.
  • Once you have copied the theme to the theme folder under wp-content, you can return to your wordpress dashboard and go to appearance–>theme to find the newly copied theme.
  • Click the activate button to set it as your theme.

Please don’t install unnecessary plugins. Too many plugins can cause a slowdown in your website’s performance. Will impact the overall ranking of your site.


This blog will give you instructions on installing a WordPress theme either manually or by uploading directly through your WordPress dashboard. It is straightforward to install and update the ThemeForest theme. Just follow the instruction given in the post. We hope you find our blog helpful and informative.

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